“Monochrome" project, Riga

The interior’s core elements consist of off-white and a range of hues from light gray to dark graphite. These choices align with the apartment owners’ desire for a highly functional, uncluttered space featuring a cool, light color palette.

Crafted custom entrance hall furniture in a soft, almost white shade of light gray. Adorning the right side are vertical decorative racks, adding a touch of elegance. A voluminous, full-length mirror skillfully expands the corridor, while the dark entrance door provides visual cohesion to the composition.

Minimalist design seamlessly integrates the kitchen into the open area, with only a few distinct features – graphic dark accents like the backsplash, countertop, the island bar’s textured ribbed front, chairs, fine vertical trim lines, and a wall-mounted light fixture, adding character to the monochromatic theme.

EKA University of Economics and Culture, Riga

The project’s main goal was to renovate an old building, transforming it into a modern, functional, and welcoming university space.

The initial phase involved creating a general concept, which encompassednthe design style for the university premises, color and material choices, furniture selection, and interior accents. Turquoise was chosen as the main color accent for the doors and baseboards. The concept primarily featured monochromatic light tones that seamlessly integrated into the rooms.

Antique lamps, as seen in the first picture, were preserved and restored from the building’s original interior. Additionally, the glass brick partition walls were left untouched, providing a distinct industrial touch and contributing to a spacious atmosphere in the administration area and library.

Mark's tropical room, Riga

Pastel tones and a light mint shade are the main finishing colors of the room. A deep orange color has been chosen for the ceiling to visually fill the room with warmth. The room resembles a stylized tropical forest with a liana lamp in the center.

To the left of the entrance is the functional area – a large spacious wardrobe with closed storage compartments, an open lower part of the wardrobe for storing toys and a work table opposite the window.

On the right side there is a rest area – passive and active. There is a fresco wallpaper with a world map on the wall in the sleeping area.

Travels and adventures can begin even in kid’s bedroom, where the kid from the very early morning after exercising on a climbing frame and stretching on wall bars, warms up and rans on.

Bedroom, Riga

The main decorating technique and bedroom design idea is intimacy and asymmetry, eclecticism, the combination of dark and light, masculine and feminine.

The small chamber of the bedroom is decorated with a fresco wallpaper and a styled makeup table by the window. The pattern of the dark night “deepens” the space, which seems to open the door of the night.

Cozy half-tones of pastel decoration, light and dark, deep, natural elements in different styles – classic slats, exotic night garden, stylized monkey table sculpture.

“Vertikales" project, Riga

This two-room apartment, covering 37m2, is situated in Riga, Latvia. The project’s goal was to create a furniture composition within the existing layout, define functional areas, handle decoration and lighting design, and source high-quality furniture available in the Latvian market.

A striking feature of the apartment is the placement of a bright yellow sofa in the living area, serving as the most dominant color accent. It is not only soft and comfortable but also imparts warmth and illumination to the room.

The owners’ desire was to seamlessly integrate vibrant color accents into the room’s monochromatic backdrop. The living room seamlessly merges with the dining area and kitchen. The bold and warm color choice is particularly relevant in Riga’s off- season weather, providing a refreshing touch to the living space.

The wall behind the sofa is enhanced by a vertical combination of solid-colored panels, featuring a subtle forest pattern that adds depth
without overpowering the room. This thematic panel design harmonizes with others in the room, creating a cohesive and continuous visual effect. An asymmetric lamp softly illuminates the central area of the living space, casting a gentle and diffused glow.

“Actually, I want to say that choosing Viktorija as the designer for our apartment was the best decision with my husband I made! Viktorija listened to our desires and managed to combine our wishes within our budget and even wrapped it all up with a beautiful bow 🎁 Firstly, she proposed a design for the living room that my husband and I immediately liked! It was love at first visualization and we eagerly awaited its realization. It turned out amazing! Later, we also implemented a bedroom for us and a children’s room for our child together. The implementation of the bedroom and children’s design projects also turned out superb, we are satisfied, and so is the child! Everything was smooth, fast, and enjoyable!”

Lilita, project “Vertikāles”, Riga

Private House in Marupe, Riga

The project in Marupe “Sand and water” – a house for a couple with a child.

The first phase of the project was to adapt the existing floor plans. We decided to reduce the corridor’s space and increase the area of ​​the kitchen, as a result of which we got a fully functional and spacious living room – the dream of any housewife. The corridor area was not “squeezed” because the mirror wall visually expands the space, there is a shelf for clothes and shoes on the left, as well as a spacious wardrobe where all the family’s outerwear can be placed.

Blue and sand tones were chosen for the interior, hereof was created the name of the project. The couple expressed a desire for a calm, comfortable interior, preferring light colors, soft fabrics and natural materials.

The dining area is located nearby the kitchen. A light, elegant table with soft, ash pink chairs is lit by an airy chandelier.

Modern kitchen in deep blue water color was a special request of the client. In the kitchen, as a gentle transition between the rooms, we placed a walnut-colored table. A place to sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of champagne in the evening.

In the relaxation area, the soft leather chairs hug and lull you to sleep. Looking outdoor through the wide window, all everyday worries are forgotten.

“When we realized that the first floor of our house would have a large shared space, we immediately had questions about how to properly decorate it, how to avoid mistakes. When we turned to Viktorija, we never regretted it. We are very satisfied with the cooperation. I had no idea how I wanted to decorate the living room, what colors to use. When Viktorija asked me about my preferences, I replied that I wanted a “warm and cozy living room that you want to return to.” Viktorija has some kind of incredible sixth sense – she immediately sensed and understood me. When I looked at the visualization, I understood – yes, this is exactly what I want. Working with Viktorija is a pleasure – she knows how to listen and understand the client and at the same time stand her ground. Even if at first it seems that you can do without a certain detail or do it differently, when you see the final result, you realize that you are working with a high-level professional. Tactful, intelligent, talented, and always evolving. Thank you for the beauty!”

Anastasija and Nikita, private house in Marupe, Latvia

Bathroom design

The customers wanted to see the design of the bathroom, which evoked associations with the sea, waves, sand and stones. The main color is blue.

Minimalism – that was my first thought.

When designing this bathroom, I, as a designer, wanted sea associations to arise from the chosen color contrast, decorative tiles and ribbed relief, which is repeated in the facade of the shelf and mirror finishing.

“Viktorija gave me the bathroom of my dreams. When I saw the visualization, I couldn’t wait for the finishing touches to be completed. Working with Viktorija was easy and interesting. Always available, friendly, and ready to help. Viktorija took on the complexities of material selection, which significantly helped me – at that time, we had just had a baby, and I couldn’t fully immerse myself in the renovation process. Viktorija came with ready-made solutions, laying out the materials, and all we had to do was choose. If you are looking for a great professional who will help make your dreams come true, don’t hesitate to turn to Viktorija!”

Anastasija and Nikita, private house in Marupe

House in Katlakalna, Riga

Soft and calm mixture of styles, “powdered”, complex and beautiful tones in the interiors, smoothly and imperceptibly flowing from one to another, without distracting attention from the incredible views of the river on the banks of which it was built, from magnificent Baltic nature

I wanted to make the interior restrained but at the same time interesting. The house project was created with the active participation of the owner, taking into account his tastes and wishes; the interior was supposed to be a worthy continuation of the owner’s ideas.

The total area of ​​the house is 481 m2.
The ground floor is reserved for the boat, the first floor is the largest and is divided into two sectors. One for a married couple, the second for parents. The third is for the eldest son.

In the design of the first part of the house, the style is based on minimalism – simple modern forms, calm, muted, “dusty” colors, so characteristic of the restrained Baltic temperament, here and there interspersed with barely noticeable traditional decorative elements, giving the interior a special charm, those same eclectic notes , combining the style of the house into a single whole.

“It is very easy to work with Viktorija and we are extremely happy with the cooperation. Viktorija listens and hears the client’s interests, but is able to insist on her own point. This is her strong feature. In all cases, when we relied on Viktorija’s expert opinion, the result was simply wonderful. Viktorija feels colors. Easily mixes styles without losing the overall composition of the room. Viktorija knows where to get exclusive design elements, but at the same time she will tell you how to save money. My advice: tell Viktorija what you want, and then let her realize her vision. You won’t regret it.”

Anna and Denis, house in Katlakalns, Riga

Private House in Katlakalna (second part)

Continuation. The second part of the house (wife’s mother’s part) has the following rooms: a living room combined with a kitchen, a bedroom, a technical room, a wardrobe and a bathroom.

A more classic style is preferred here – parquet floors, classic style kitchen. The color range is dominated by the same “smoky” tones, but here you can find modern functional solutions, such as a wardrobe in “smoky” rose color. The beige tone that dominates the interior is also based on bright and “smoky” tones, soft lilac accents, sofas, etc.

“It was easy to work with Viktorija. She tries to understand what customers like and offers options in this direction. At the same time, she offers something you would never have thought of yourself. I really liked the idea of ​​”artistic” wallpaper instead of pictures.”

Tajana, house in Katlakalns (part two), Riga

One-bedroom apartment, Matīsa street, Riga

This apartment is situated in a Jugendstil building constructed in 1914, right in the center of Old Riga. It serves as a suitable home for a family of a couple.

The primary challenge was to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing design that would enhance and celebrate the historical character of the place without overwhelming it visually, while also incorporating modern and practical elements.

A combination of classic and contemporary techniques and styles was employed for the apartment’s decor. The space features beautiful classic parquet flooring, intricate moldings, ornate cornices, and traditional wooden painted doors.

The living room is seamlessly integrated with the kitchen area. A modern black and white kitchen design harmonizes with the space, infusing it with a bright, contemporary touch. To add a pop of color and contrast to the living room, the sofa and artwork are adorned with brighter accents.

To preserve the building’s historical charm, all the frames and window sills were expertly crafted from natural oak, meticulously recreated as exact replicas of the original design.

“The experience with Viktorija was truly pleasant throughout the entire collaboration – starting with planning and sketching, all the way to project management and realization. Personally, it is quite difficult for me to visualize projects, so I especially appreciate the opportunity to see the design of my apartment before spending big. Considering that I myself work long working hours, the second thing that I would especially highlight is that Viktorija also largely removed the burden from me with the purchase of materials, servicemen supervision and other technically difficult and time-consuming things for me. Thanks to Viktorija’s help, furnishing the apartment was a really easy and pleasant process for me. Bold solutions, a sense of taste, patience and listening to the client’s wishes and financial capabilities – all this characterizes Viktorija. In conclusion, it remains only to add that the final score is 10 out of 10 and expresses my personality 100%.”

Anete and Martins, apartment in Matisa street, Riga

Project "Jasmin Garden". Jurmala, Latvia

This two-bedroom apartment is located in resort city of Latvia in Jurmala. In district among  beautiful pine trees. The apartment is designed for a family with a teenager. Clients wanted the apartment to be elegant, eclectic with bright color accents.

The apartment is decorated with classic parquet, classic moldings and cornices. Cold color tones are used in the decoration of the apartment walls, wallpaper with geometric figures in the living room, wallpaper with texts in the nursery and wallpaper with a floral pattern in the bedroom. In this interior, the bright colors were given to the soft furniture, and in the bedroom to the French bra lamps.

In the living room, the dining table is chosen as the main visual center – fantastically beautiful with a marble surface and a futuristic base. The TV shelf was designed specifically for this project. The chest of drawers has a geometric cut in the profile, which visually preserves the geometric pattern of the wallpaper.

The apartment is very cozy with its own inner world of art, where there is a composition game of colors, materials, textures and shapes.

This design concept shows that color can have a strong impact on design and human mood.

“Using my friend’s recommendation, I turned to the interior designer Viktorija. Viktorija fully completed the design project of a two-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​90m2, taking into account all our wishes and needs. Maximally correct and punctual, she listens and hears, helps to determine the choice. Always in touch, in good mood, ready to help. Also, Viktorija supervised assembly and arrangement of furniture and decor items, which greatly facilitated and accelerated the whole process. I can confidently recommend Viktorija as a competent, constantly improving her skills design specialist. I reminisce with gratitude the time of our cooperation.”

Tatjana, project “Jasmine Garden”, Bulduri, Jurmala

Private House in Šampeteris, Riga

The house is located in Šampēteri, Riga. The roof of the house is designed in the style of a mountain cottage.

My task in the living room was to combine the textures of different trees, most of which were already in the decoration of the house. While decorating this house, I basically introduced minimalist accents in decoration, furniture, lighting and accessories.

The bedroom is dominated by warm tones in the wood finish, warm wall colors, various wood textures, rough linen textures and laconic elements of Japanese minimalism.

In the bathroom, preference was given to large-sized marble tiles, which visually make the room larger. The blue-green bathtub is the accent of this room, it calms and merges with nature outside the window.

The terrace is the pearl of this house, where you get the feeling that you are in the middle of the forest. A small dark gray sofa bed and Mexican-style chairs seem to merge with the surrounding nature, allowing you to enjoy nature and not distract yourself from it.

Pearl Project, Baltezers

The two-bedroom apartment is located on the beautiful shore of Lake Baltezer and was designed for a family with two children. The task of the project was to achieve harmony in the existing decoration of the apartment, to combine already existing wooden decoration of the walls with furniture and accessories of different styles.

Clients wanted purple color in the interior.

In the living room area, in order to balance the amount of wood decoration, we chose colorful furniture and several interior accessories made of glass, so that the interior remains more airy.

“I really want to thank our interior designer Viktoria.

Our family remained satisfied with the cooperation. Talented, smart, sociable, offers original options. The design was fantastic!!! How lucky are to meet Victoria in time and safe her contacts! Thank You so much! Good luck and more clients! I can absolutely recommend Victoria because she knows how and loves to work. If my feedback helps someone find an excellent professional, I’ll be glad!”

Svetlana and Denis, “Pearl Project”, Baltezers

Lighting Showroom Casa Belluce, Riga

Casa Belluce, the Lighting Showroom, is located in the heart of Riga’s historic center on Brīvības Street, nestled within an old architectural gem. It exudes a unique bohemian atmosphere that welcomes everyone who steps inside.

The goal of the project was to create a spacious and stylish lighting studio where the lamps themselves appear as works of art. Natural cooler tonesn were selected for the walls and floors, while the bright finishes of the furniture complement the muted interior colors, allowing them to stand out and enhance the beauty of the glass lamps and light fixtures. Brightly colored furniture takes center stage against a gray backdrop, creating a striking contrast between historical and modern styles.

I intentionally used a wide variety of materials, playing with different textures and colors, resulting in a pleasing blend of warm and cool shades. To give it a rustic touch for even more contrast the reception table, bookshelf, stands, and coffee table were all handcrafted from wooden pallets based on my designs, adding a personal touch to the space.

Office Space, Nagornoe, Moscow

Office space in Nagorny, Moscow.

A comprehensive design project for a stylish airline office, conveniently situated on the 6th floor of a building near Moscow. Total area – 600 m2.

The objective of the project was to create an open plan in a modern style for maximum convenience and an atmosphere that is pleasant and comfortable for all employees, optimizing both processes and performance.

To divide the space, stylish glass partitions with sound insulation were used; in the open space, furniture screens were utilized to create individual work areas. The office includes a kitchen, dressing room, 3 bathrooms, 2 public, and one in the chief director’s office, with developed pumping systems, a shower, and individual water heating.

To visually “raise” the ceilings, an off-white aluminum “grillata” design with a cell size of 6 cm, located under the lamps, was chosen. The ceiling grid is large enough to create a more spacious feel (the communications and ceiling above were painted black for greater depth and contrast), while at the same time acting as an additional diffuser for office lamps. This choice was optimal and a compromise in the choice between blank office ceiling tiles, which would “cut off” the height of the premises, and open communications, which the client categorically did not want to see.

Schnipper PVC tiles with concrete look imitation were chosen for the flooring in public areas, corridors, and open space. The directors’ offices have high-quality, easy-to-clean carpet. Furniture for open space is made of laminated chipboard, with dark-colored wood in meeting rooms and directors’ offices. Small bright orange border accents in the style of the company logo in the design of the walls of the rooms at the entrance and cabinets , light glass partitions, cool white shades of the walls, and minimalist furniture – all of this created a stylish, comfortable space.

To decorate the windows in public areas, we chose Hunter&Douglas horizontal light blinds; in the meeting room, total blackout Silent Gliss roller blinds, and MHZ vertical automated fabric blinds. The office has become not just a workplace but a living space in which it is pleasant to create and achieve success.

Imi Banca, Milano

Dizaina koncepta izveide IMI banca Milānā. Uzdevums bija izveidot ideālu plānojumu visiem strādniekiem ar kafejnīcas zonu gan strādniekiem, gan klientiem. Stilistiskais koncepts tika izvēlēts hi-tech ar koka/lamināta apdari sienās un grīdā.

Abitare il Tempo, Verona

Izstādes “Abitare il tempo” dizaina projekta izveide Veronā. Mūsu uzdevums bija izveidot konceptuāli pilnīgi jaunu ideju, kur cilvēki, ierodoties uz dizaina izstādi, pazudīs dizaina pasaulē un saņems vizuāli neatkārtojumum ceļojumu caur apdares materiāliem, mēbelēm, aksesuāriem un jauniem dizaina jaunumiem. Otrs svarīgs uzdevums bija izveidot inovācijas zonas, kur klientam būs pieejama visa informācija par produktu planšetēs, atkarībā no koncepta zonas.

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