Description of project stages

Developing a design project is an exciting but complex and time-consuming process that includes various stages. Each stage of work is important part of the development of a design project. You can get acquainted with each of them below.

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Getting to know you and your object.

At the beginning of each project, the client is given a questionnaire developed by me, where the client answers various questions about the interior and its equipment (sample in the picture on the left).

We always start by measuring and photographing the object. As well as from meeting to discuss and answer all the client’s questions.

Based on our chosen style images, furniture and equipment, we discuss the concept and layout of each room.


We develop the concept, planning, choose finishing materials and furniture and general style.

Next a concept is developed based on the selected furniture layout. Several stylistic variants of furniture and decoration, common collages, color solutions and ideas for the future interior are offered – presentations of moods and concepts.

The first collage – the customer is visually shown and explained how the wall can be decorated with different fresco patterns or wooden slatted panels.

For example, the second collage (one of several collages), the wall decoration behind the sofa (fresco + panels), sofa, dining table, kitchen stylistics and finishing materials, as well as other wall decoration with mirrors and frescoes have already been selected. In this collage, we offer finishing materials for the sofa and several chair options with prices for the kitchen dining table.


We develop 2D collages and 3D visualizations.

After approving the developed concept in accordance with the selected planning solution, we carry out detailed design development – photorealistic collage or 3D visualizations with carefully selected finishing materials, furniture and lighting.


Technical solutions.

Technical project is completed after the approval of the 3D visualization. It includes all the technical sketches necessary for the design project to be realized.


Project realization (with supervision).

Project realization consists of negotiations and consultations with suppliers, discussion of sketches and analysis of technical production possibilities, analysis of prices and deadlines, selection of materials, colors and textures for each position with arriving at the object as needed. Bringing samples and viewing them at the premises, paint testing.

Participation in unpredictable situations and their resolution. Searching for and replacing alternative options, if such a need arises in the course of the work.

The pictures on the left are taken already from the completed process in the interior. In the pictures you can see the stages of realization of  kitchen and bedroom.

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